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CR Chart for Siren's Pull

Idea for the format of the CR chart flagrantly stolen from Kal. HTML flagrantly stolen from Senri.

A = Affiliated with AGI
C = Crime risk
H = May be of help
S = Affiliated with SERO
W = Needs watching

<table width="455" cellspacing="5" border="0">
Tohru Adachi
+ + / H

Detective at the SPPD. A bit of a fool, frankly - he reminds me of Detective Gumshoe in many ways, though he seems less loyal. His focus seems to be less on clearing cases than on minding his career; clearly a pushover within the department, as he seems to be on coffee duty more often than he does his real job.

That said, he seems honest enough. Not very intelligent, no, but nor does he seem corrupt - perhaps I will be able to rely upon him for certain cases, so long as I'm able to keep his attention on the task at hand. And I'll be watching his performance closely - sometimes people have hidden talents, after all. Perhaps he will show competence yet.

If he asks after my private life again I will reprimand him, however.
Amaterasu (deceased)
+ + + + / H

Claims to be the goddess of the sun in the form of a wolf. I cannot precisely believe this, but it's clear enough that she intends only good. Kind and nurturing - open and oddly wise, if not a bit doggish in her logic - if there were gods, I'd want them to be similar to her. As there are not, I must simply be glad that individuals like her exist.
Shinjiro Aragaki
+ + + / C / W

Friend of Kirijo, Sanada, Arisato, etc. Self-destructive. Can use a "Persona" - some sort of creature that works to assist in battle.

Ken Amada met with him on either the 4th or 5th of October, seeking to kill him. Aragaki had killed his mother by accident; Amada was seeking revenge for this, and would kill himself after. Aragaki was perfectly willing to let this happen - perfectly willing to die for Amada to feel better. His nobility, it seems, is outweighed only by his sheer stupidity.

Clearly willing to sacrifice all for his principles - can his principles be bent towards social change?
Minako Arisato
+ + + / W

Arisato is certainly someone trustworthy. Her will to do good in this place is clearly genuine. Further, she's incredibly kind, and generally a pleasant presence. Unfortunately, her self-reliance to date has led to a significant degree of hubris here; the fact that she was once responsible for seeing to her own medical treatment, etc., has induced her to think that she should do the same here. If she can rid herself of that, begin to rely upon others to a greater degree, then others will rely upon her more; those connections can make her a powerful force for law and safety in this place. Until she does so, however, her forward motion is fettered.
Rin Asano
+ + + / W

She's come here from an intermediary world - was pulled from her home there, was pulled from there to here. World was purportedly similar to our own - trapped in a laboratory mental hospital(?) called St. Edelweiss. Cagy and wary, but I believe she's telling the truth about her experiences - as dearly as I would prefer to believe that she's lying.

This poor girl. Needs counseling, something to help her through all of this, but given the precise nature of her previous experiences she'll not accept that sort of help. She's quick-witted and curious; convince her to join school. The worst thing that might happen would be her growing inactive and slipping away.
Claire Bennet
+ + / W

I understand a will to independence, truly I do. Would that a will for too much independence were Bennet's problem. She's self-destructive and seems to take a deep pride and pleasure in that self-destruction; she makes herself miserable, and seems to live for nothing save that misery. If she comes to the conclusion that her actions might harm those who care for her, her stated solution is to remove herself from the people who care for her. It's absurd.

She is immortal, apparently, and can recover from all wounds. Evidently, she believes that this means that she is impervious to harm, ignoring the fact that she can suffer still - and the fact that, more to the point, those about her can suffer. May be suicidally depressed - would benefit from counseling.
Sirius Black
+ + + / H / C / W

My first impression was that he is a fool. All subsequent encounters simply served to support that supposition.

A good man, though. Intelligent. That intelligence is, unfortunately, bent towards all the wrong purposes - he appreciates a prank far more than he appreciates a solid turn of phrase or an original thought - but with some degree of will, it might be bent back. Indeed, it's clear he is outraged by the injustices of this place and wants to rectify them. Can clearly handle himself in a fight; trusts that I'm doing the right thing. If I need muscle Good God; what has my life come to, that I began to write that sentence?
Raul Creed
Utter and complete imbecile. Truly, it is offensive. He'd been the head of security for his old city, Romdeau, and I suspect it is not a coincidence that during his tenure that Romedeau fel That is not a fair or logical assessment. Regardless, he's guilty of overweening arrogance that is completely unjustified by his limited intellectual flexibility and his unpleasant mien. He seems willing to contribute little to the world, save to promote the debauchery of his workplace, but still manages to be self-righteous about his role. Truly remarkable.
Joe Feldman
+ + / C

What is to be done with him? I honestly cannot tell whether he feels guilt for his actions or not. He certainly avoids being called to task for them. He acts generally like a child, with all the good and bad that entails. Talks too much of darkness inside hearts and what-have-you. Appears to be a clone(?) of Riku, but they're on good terms nevertheless.
Maya Fey
+ + + + / W

How can one girl attract this much trouble? At least she seems to be keeping a relatively low profile here. And both Wright and Mr. Godot, of all people, are looking out for her. I'll be paying attention as much as I can, as well. She's too naive and trusting by far, but she's proven time and again to be a genuinely good person. Indeed, I owe her rather a lot.
Sir Fratley
+ + / H / W

Just joined the police department. Currently a trainee. Looks like a His species bears a resemblance to a r a member of the Muroidea family; as such, he's been subject to a great deal of hazing from the other trainees. He's extremely formal, quite polite, but clearly quite unworldly - I am not altogether certain that he would be able to sense it if the hazing were being taken too far.

Suffers from amnesia.
Haruhi Fujioka
+ + +

Competent, straightforward, and honest. No-nonsense. I'll confess a great deal of fondness for Fujioka, and not merely because she can keep Suou in line; she is also an individual of remarkable strength in her own right, always willing to stand up for herself in all things. She'll make a fine attorney some day.
Dick Gumshoe
+ + + + / H / W

Well. It's good to have a detective from home on the force. Even if I cannot always trust his competence, his honesty and diligence never leave anything to be desired.

Should keep an eye on him here; he finds himself in trouble rather too often.
Yosuke Hanamura
+ +

Hanamura is kind, but a fool. Indeed, has been quite good in the past - visited me in the hospital, which was unexpected.

I may well have made a grave misstep in regards to him. He'd expressed admiration for me, so I'd assumed that implied trust - warned him to be cautious of A. - he made it clear that his trust of A. far exceeded his trust of me. He may alert A. to my suspicions - like a fool, I said I'd heard of him from a reliable source - if A. begins showing suspicions, I'll have to cover my tracks, make it clear that I was simply making up nonsense, which he'll most likely believe.

But why does Hanamura trust him so implicitly?
Poison Ivy
+ / C / W

She is convinced that she's irresistible; apparently, my resistance has intrigued her. God spare me. There's no question that she is beautiful, that much is true, but there's more to attractiveness than mere beauty. I've seen nothing attractive save beauty from her.

Can communicate with and control plants. Has made no overt statements to this effect, but her allegiances suggest that she is not unacquainted with the criminal element.
Uryuu Ishida
+ + + / H / W

Highly gifted in the martial arts. Wants to protect people above all else. Dangerously proud.

Recently lost his father to a sudden aneurysm (9/15/10). The police investigation turned up no evidence of foul play. I spoke to him a bit about this, and it seems to have brought some small measure of peace. I hope it has. I wish him well.

Apparently has had some sort of "seal" placed on him by a fellow named Orochimaru. (What does this mean?) This is per N.'s attestations; I've not been able to determine yet whether this is the truth, but Ishida seems to have confirmed it with a bit of circumlocution. N. has said that though the wise move would be to murder Ishida, that he won't do it - has also requested that I not give away that I know the information. The first step will be confirmation.
+ / C / A

Powerful, but ultimately too self-involved to be of any use whatsoever. Early on she proclaimed a desire to do good; that proved secondary to romantic liaisons and the pleasure she derived from harming others. She criticizes me often, now, for not doing enough, for being too caught up in myself to offer her the help she needed to live well. Perhaps she's right. But the fact remains that she never put any effort into anything at all. Perhaps I could fight to change her - but what would be destroyed around me as I pursued that Pyrrhic victory?
- / C / W

Won't Doesn't Along with brother, Yazoo, broke into my office Attacked me 7/13/10. Believed that would cow me. Perhaps that speaks to his intellectual impairment. I am not I am not afraid of him, nor his brother. Wants me to break; I do not break.

Police officer now. Is this city even worth a damn? Is there even any point?
Jack Kelly
+ + / C / W

Came from the same place as Asano - more specifically, from St. Edelweiss and then another intermediary world, Rosenhan. Been here once before, but remembers nothing of it, and was a very different person back then - his experiences have clearly shaped him, and not for the better. He's perhaps smarter now and more focused - but there's also an undercurrent of anger and a will to violence that's unnerving. I do not believe him evil, and frankly I do not think he will do evil here, but as a staff member at these institutions he was forced to do evil in the past. That's enough to drive a good man mad, and he's a good man.

Brooklyn-born, Manhattan-raised. Hometown pride. Doesn't trust me; would be useful to circumvent that, because the information he has could be valuable. Listens to Asano, though, and therefore was willing to speak with me briefly. Might need counseling even more than Asano; reacted with a strong negative when I floated the idea. With Black, who should keep him stable, assuming that they do not talk one another into violent acts.
Claudio Kilgannon
+ + / H / C / W

Previously captured, used as slave in the human hunts; reluctantly has agreed to participate in the case against AGI. He is no coward, but he is afraid, understandably; it will be a challenge to convince him of my competence, it seems. Close friends with Ward and with Jinx. Watch carefully, and don't allow to go into hiding; he seems the sort to do so.
Mitsuru Kirijo (deceased)
+ + +

Kirijo is highly competent at her job, and that is appreciated beyond words. There are few enough who are even marginally competent. She possesses troubling characteristics - she threatened, once, to quit merely because I was asking Arisato about what had happened back home - and, like for Yumeno, that degree of passion and overprotectiveness, so openly expressed, leaves her vulnerable. Nevertheless, unlike Yumeno, her pride is of the sort that would most likely not allow her to work for the companies - at the moment.

All of that aside, I find myself quite liking her on a personal level. I feel like I can speak to her frankly, and that's rare. If she would simply limit those bursts of irrationality, I'd respect her much more.

11/10 - Murdered by Newcomer Killer
Yuffie Kisaragi
+ + + + / H / C / W

Somehow has become one of the most reliable people here. Did she change, or was she simply hiding her competence before? Regardless, I'm glad it's happened; I'd never suspected that the girl I took as frivolous and foolish and quite rude would actually be like this.

Claims to have been taken to St. Edelweiss. It seems strange for it to happen so suddenly, but she has no reason to lie, and her conduct since then rings true - not least because she provided some details which suddenly made Kelly's story make more sense. Murdered someone there in cold blood - doesn't know who - but has expressed true uncertainty and guilt over it. Not entirely certain what to do with her now. She's much as before - cheerful and confident - but will she not crumble?
Shijima Kurookano
+ + + + / H

She's a strange individual indeed. I'm left wondering what it says about me, that I feel more relaxed around her than around anyone else here. She saved my life, and I would trust her with it again; more than that, however, I trust her. It doesn't matter what I say; I know that she'll simply accept it.

But that's mere sentimentalism, and of no use at all. Immortal; born a cat. Given such powers by S.B. Said she was given a human heart; so far as I'm concerned, she simply is a human.
Re-l Mayer
+ + / H

Was a case worker; now performing police duties. I'll confess I had little enough regard for her at first, if for no reason save the fact that Yumeno spoke of her so ceaselessly and so defensively - such chatter often covers a lack of truth. It was a bit of foolishness on my part, it seems - since joining the force, she's proven herself highly competent and intelligent.

Ultimately, she's another one I can talk to. Her driving purpose is to discover the truth - something eminently relatable. I think she's trustworthy, as well. Apparently developing powers along the lines of the gods in her world - how powerful?

10/9/10 - Incident in my office. Asked her to come in to investigate. Found that I quite trust her? No matter; if this is an attempt to set me up, I fear that she won't turn me in as is her responsibility. Still. Nonjudgmental.
+ / C / W

Violent. Companion of Near. Little better than a thug. Intelligent in his own way, I will grant, but clearly less focused upon the intellectual resolution of a problem and more upon the resolution of it by any means.

I believe he was the one who tortured Yagami, as Near does not seem the sort to do such things actively. I will work with Near; I will not work with this one.
Sam Merlotte
+ + + + / H / W / A

Sam is Sam is a good man. Perhaps embarrassingly so. Honestly, it's strange in a way, being friends friends with him, just because individuals such as he is do not particularly tend to be friends with It's no matter. We're friends; it's as simple as that. And I can trust him to do the right thing. He has a genuine will to help the people here - and the fact simply is that he has a will to help me, as well.

Wish he would scrub the pans a bit more fastidiously. Doesn't make sharing my home with him any less pleasant.

AGI is keeping a close eye on him after the incident at the slave auction. He is not to be involved in any anti-AGI operations, nor indeed any illegal activities at all. He came close enough to being sold into slavery as it is. People here depend upon him for their livelihood.

11/29/10 - He and I
+ / W

Still don't know what to make of this man. Never speaks of himself. Might simply be dull; unfortunately, might also be the polar opposite.
Shikamaru Nara
+ + + / H / C / W

Came from intermediary world with three others (Nill, Uzumaki, Hanamura), all arriving almost simultaneously. Place sounds extremely unpleasant. Either scarred from the experience or wary by nature; regardless, it's hard to get cooperation or information from him.

9/26/10 - met with him to discuss various matters. Powers: illusion creation, shadow manipulation. Controls others by means of his shadow. Can trust him, but he'll need watching - his morality runs to ruthless, and I do not want to see pushed to committing an evil deed in the name of good. (Is he emotionally resilient enough for this? Should he be excluded? Y. has hurt him somehow, but I cannot tell the extent.) Eminently willing to do what's necessary even at the cost of self - noble, but dangerous, since it would be his selflessness that would drive him to drastic action.

12/10 - Tried to arrest Yaha. Failed. N. pled guilty for us, claimed to be controlling us to do his bidding. Damned fool. Forced now to work for AGI. He's living with us for the foreseeable future.
+ + / C

ntelligent. Ruthless. To be trusted only with a very short leash, if we cooperate. He wishes to see justice done not for the sake of justice, but for the sake of his ego - something which leads only to destruction. If I tried to articulate this to him, however, it would ring condescending at best. He'll not listen to me. Perfectly willing to torture, do harm, to achieve his goals.

Plays an aggressive game of chess. Tends to value material over strategy.
+ + + / H

A good man, with a good will. He does what needs to be done without calling attention to it; it's rare that you see such a combination of benevolence and a lack of ego. Clearly powerful in his own way - defeated Yaha handily. Nevertheless, he's too unpredictable. He has an agenda, and he adheres to it.
Miharu Rokujou (deceased)
+ + + / W

Miharu is far too fragile for this place. He clung fiercely to Yoite, but after he passed away, then it seemed there was nothing left of him. He's been missing now for months, but as his phone is still active, it seems he's still alive. I wish he'd surface again. Possesses S.B.; reluctant to utilize.
+ +

I was too harsh on him at first. He is a child, and I allowed myself to forget it. His thinking is simplistic, but he has expressed a growing curiosity in the world around him. I hope he studies hard.
Sarina Svenson
+ + / W

She is clearly scarred by being here and by what's happened to her in the past. This seems to manifest itself in the form of constant nervous - almost hysterical - laughter. Thought it was off-putting at first, it's clear that this is manifestation of some neurosis; Ms. Svenson herself is not mocking anyone. Indeed, she seems to have a straightforward and rather kind - if somewhat vulnerable - personality.

Has a job at some sports bar or something of the like; will she be able to survive there, with her nerves? Keep an eye on her; this is a stressful place, and I'd not like to see her become unable to cope and get lost.
Tamaki Suou
+ + +

A complete fool. Good God. How do people like this continue to feed themselves, let alone flourish?

Good man, though. Good to a fault.
Naruto Uzumaki
+ + / H

A companion of Nara and Hanamura. Something of a fool himself, though in a decidedly different manner from the other two. He's given to grand heroics and dramatic gestures, but this is not a world in which grand heroics and dramatic gestures get anyone anywhere. This isn't a world of heroes and villains - merely of conflicts of interest and mass moral bankruptcy. I don't think he understands that.

Truly, I don't know. I believe he hates me, so I can't be the one to help him resolve himself to this world. It's necessary, however, that he do so, because otherwise he's going to end up destroying himself, and that's the last thing I want to see happen. He's a good person. We need more good people.

Franziska von Karma
+ + + + + / H / W

I hope Franziska is doing well. I worry that she doesn't have enough friends. Not that I would make some public announcement about it, thank you. Who could be a friend to her? Kirijo? Mayer? They seem the sorts most likely to understand her; God knows few enough in this city put forth the effort to do so.

Working as a prosecutor. Doing very well, as a matter of course - and acting more responsibly than she ever has in the past. She's acquired a certain degree of wisdom, I think. I'm proud of her.
Terrence Ward
+ +

Terrence Ward - goes by the name "Trauma" (musician?) - Clearly intelligent, but that seems to be hindered by his reticence and his withdrawal. He has some sort of power, but I have yet to learn what it is. Can be counted on to do what is necessary, but it may be a struggle to convince him that something is necessary.
Phoenix Wright
+ + + + + / H / W

A completely absurd individual. Honestly, I don't know what to do with him. One of these days, perhaps he'll spontaneously become wise.

That will be a rather sad day.

Disappeared twice before; reappeared each time. Given the nature of this place, I do not know whether the disappearances were not acts of kindness, no matter what I. I fear this place will destroy Wright. I wish there were any way to shield him from it. In any case: will be working as the pro bono advocate for the newcomers here, in matters of civil law as well as criminal, as per my request. It's a more immediately applicable field for them. I cannot help but wonder if it would not be better if contracts and real estate take up all his time, so that he cannot
Michael Xavier
+ / C

I do not trust this man. Ms. Lee approached me early on to say that he was perfectly willing to turn to violence, though he shows little sign of it now; I believe her, rather than him, since God knows she'd not talk to me about this otherwise. On a deeper level, I do not like him. He sees fit to treat me like a naive child, to demean everything I've been through as unimportant. I'll grant I've had an easier life than many here, particularly than him, but "easier" does not mean "easy"; I've seen my

I simply don't appreciate him treating me like my opinions are invalid. I'm twenty-six years old and have seen much of the world. I was twenty-one the first time I sent a man to his death, and

I cannot work with him. Good, because I doubt he will work with me. That is all.
Light Yagami
- / C / W

A mass murderer for ideological purposes. Played me for Duplicitous and convincing. Lives a double life both as Light Yagami and as Kira, the voice of so-called "justice" who does not even understand that justice is a delicate, measured thing, applied carefully and after much consideration. Attempted to murder me. If these notes are found after my death, consider him a suspect.

Claims now to have forgotten everything. Claims not to have done the things he did. While it's true that he is younger than he was before, taken from an earlier point, the fact also remains that the story he tells now is inconsistent with the story he told before, and his previous self had less reason to lie.

But there are alternate versions of all of us; what if he is telling the truth?
- / C / W

Mentally disturbed. No excuse for his actions. To date, nothing concrete to pin on him, but it's clear he's killed a number of civilians for fun. May have sexually assaulted N. Has expressed desire to see me Danger to me as well; if I am killed, he should be a suspect.

10/10 - Disturbance in my office. Don't know if he was involved.

11/10 - We attempted to arrest him for his crimes & failed. N. and B. ended up in prison with me. Yaha remains at large. I fear for the other two.
- / C / W

Kadaj's brother. Unclear whether this is a blood relation. Strong resemblance suggests so. Follows Kadaj's orders and generally serves as his muscle. Evidence nevertheless suggests that he gets a genuine pleasure out of violence.

I cannot help but be troubled by the dynamic between him and Kadaj. It's clear he's being exploited in some manner; he seems to take physical abuse without complaint. His welfare is as a matter of course of no consequence; he's a criminal, a brute, and a torturer, a sadist and a murderer. There are far more pressing issues to which I must turn my attention.

Still bears monitoring, however.
Kei Yuki
+ + + + / H

She arrived almost concurrently with me last January, and we figured out the world together. She disappeared in August; I'd feared the worst, but she's recently returned, little the worse for wear.

There's a great deal which can be said about Ms. Yuki, but comparatively little of it relevant here. What is relevant is that she has a keen scientific mind, a great deal of ability with technology, and a strong moral code which will prevent her from ever bowing to either SERO or AGI. Also slightly piratical at times, but I do not believe she would steal.

Difficult past. Her fiance was abusive towards her and left her with significant scars. In spite of her openness and good cheer, she is not completely healed.
Daedalus Yumeno
+ + / H

Doctor at Skye Clinic; has proven himself competent. I frankly trust him above all others for care. However, I do not know that I trust him in any other realm of engagement: he shows troubling signs of pride, even hubris, as well as clear allegiances to individuals over duty. He attempted once to threaten my career when it appeared that I might question Ms. Mayer about a topic he took as distressing to her. (A side note: I do not understand these people who think they're expression their admiration for another by attempting to control their conversations. If Mayer - or Arisato, or Watanuki - didn't want to talk to me, they could state as such themselves. They damn well don't need another to do that for them.)

Will be watching him to an extent. He'll not do harm, but pride and overprotectiveness are a combination that make a man weak. SERO and AGI know this well.
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