Miles Edgeworth (mentis_reae) wrote,
Miles Edgeworth

There’s a dream – you do not sleep, you only / dream you long for sleep:

Day: 39
Characters: Miles Edgeworth </a></b></a>mentis_reae and Yuffie Kisaragi </a></b></a>wutaian_rose
Summary: Yuffie's going to teach Edgeworth Wutanese! LOL, no, j/k, they're gonna use that as a pretext to emo at each other.
DAY/NIGHT & Time: Night
Status: Open to Allen Walker; incomplete


Good God, what had happened? Not some few days before, they'd been - if not whole, if not healthy, if not completely coherent and stable, then at least better; they hadn't been cracking apart at the seams, hadn't been like this. So what had happened? Edgeworth had found himself turned into some sort of coward, utterly unable to face what had happened back then, utterly unable to even question von Karma, when he was - a coward in many ways, yes, but rarely turned his face from the truth. He was ashamed of that, ashamed of his cowardice, but his were the least of all problems. Yuffie herself had been close to the boy who'd died, Matt, and was taking his death hard; from the way she was speaking, the grief and the pressure were getting to her.

Reeve had...It was unclear what had happened to him, precisely, save from that grim and nebulous therapy, but whatever had happened in there had clearly devastated him. The man had suffered already too much by far due to his difficult and painful past, yet the doctors insisted on dragging it up time and again, and every time, Reeve came out a bit more ragged. He came out a bit less whole. Whatever had been said and done this time had been particularly bad, making the man think he could ever hurt any of them - an absurd proposition, but even so it had devastated him.

And as for Kelly -

Perhaps there the less said the better, save that Edgeworth was frankly embarrassed by having been taken in so thoroughly of Kelly's talk of best friends and the like. He had been a fool in that regard.

He was glad Yuffie was coming. For all that it was dangerous, perhaps, for all that he was worried as long as she wasn't either in her cell or in his line of sight - no, that wasn't correct; he worried too when she was in her cell - he was glad he'd get to see her. He wanted to make sure that she would hold on. He wanted to make sure she wasn't going to fall apart - and, more to the point, he wanted to see her for his own sake, as well.

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